kCole Consulting



As a small business owner, you work hard and have to wear many hats. With only so many hours in the day, why not enlist help for the areas you struggle to keep up with? With kCole Consulting, we can take on those tasks for you, freeing up more of your time to focus on what you love to do best. Together, we can optimize your business for success!


"Kristin Cole has been absolutely amazing to work with! She has built my website as well as Facebook and Etsy shops and does all my accounting work along with weekly updates to all my shops. My sales have tripled in the last year since I started working with her and my business would not be what it is today without her help. She gets stuff done right away and with great communication. I highly recommend Kristin for all of your business and accounting needs! She will take your business ideas and dreams and help make them a reality. You will not be disappointed when working with Kristin Cole of kCole Consulting!"

- Christy R.

"Hiring Kristin has lifted such a weight off of my shoulders. I love running my own business, but figuring out the nuances of bookkeeping and accounting is not something I want to spend my time on. Her rates are reasonable and she is very accessible. I have every confidence that my books are accurate because of her."

- Cheryl B.

"I have worked with Kristin for over 17-years and I have to say, she has done an incredible job for my business. From typing up business forms to fixing computer issues, she has been so reliable every time I ask for help. Recently, she put together a brand new website for my company and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. Her attention to detail is second to none and it really shows up in her work. I am proud to highly recommend kCole Consulting to help build your business to where you want it to go."

- Tom B.

"Kristin has an exemplary work ethic! Her organization skills, dedication to projects and drive to succeed are extraordinary and she has an outstanding way of working with others by respectfully demanding excellence. In a matter of moments, it is easy to see the enthusiasm and effervescence she has for both work and life."

- Angela S.

"I had the pleasure of working with Kristin for several years. She has an extremely broad skillset which she uses to consistently create top-notch results. She is exceptionally dependable, strategic, professional and detail-oriented, and those with the joy of working with her benefit from her amazing organizational and time management skills, and her unyielding dedication and professionalism."

- Lindsay L.

"Throughout the entire process, Kristin was extremely organized, professional and knowledgeable about my needs. The success of the project can definitely be attributed to the hard work that Kristin put in. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I would recommend her for any organization or business in the future."

- Cara S.

"I had the great pleasure of working with Kristin who provided key logistical, administrative, and financial support. Kristin was quickly able to see and grasp the global vision of my needs and translate that understanding into key details and behind the scenes work that helped make the project successful. I found Kristin to be dedicated, articulate and trustworthy. She is ethical and has a strong sense of how her values translate to the work she does."

- Thomas D.

"Kristin is highly organized, efficient, and personable and she made every encounter enjoyable. She always had an answer, was quick to solve a problem, as well as quick to jump in and help when I needed her."

- Laura K.

"Kristin helped our company at a pivotal turning point and did so with apparent ease and a calm "I got this" attitude. Her contributions echo on and we're all grateful for having had her help."

- Allison T.