Meet Kristin Cole


With an extensive track record spanning two decades in delivering invaluable business services nationwide, I possess a wealth of knowledge and a diverse skill set that can greatly benefit small business owners. Whether it's guiding fledgling entrepreneurs through the process of establishing their businesses from the ground up or maintaining robust bookkeeping systems for well-established enterprises, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to attending to the finer details and fostering clear communication. These qualities are among the many advantages I offer to my clients.

As a photographer, I harbor a special enthusiasm for collaborating with fellow artists, aiding them in bringing their unique creative visions to the marketplace. My commitment to supporting and promoting artistic endeavors is a driving force in my professional endeavors.

Beyond my work responsibilities, I find solace and inspiration by immersing myself in nature through activities such as hiking and kayaking. Additionally, my passion for landscape photography leads me to travel extensively throughout the country, capturing the beauty of diverse locations. When not outdoors, you can find me expanding my culinary repertoire in the kitchen, delving into captivating books, exploring a wide range of music genres, or chronicling my travel experiences through the written word.